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Thermometers and timers

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Product Description

~Thermometers and timers can be used in kitchens, laboratories and factories. it has alarm function.
 Scope of use of thermometer: - 50 ℃ ~ 300 ℃.
 1: install a 7th battery. ( AAA 1.5 VDC )
 2: pull timer - thermo switch to thermo position. Displays the current temperature and displays the set alarm temperature.
 25 ℃ ← current temperature
 50 ℃ ← setting mode
 3: the built-in alarm temperature is 50 ℃. use the up - down key to set the appropriate temperature.
 Press the up key to raise the temperature value, press the down key to lower the temperature value, and press the up key or the down key to quickly raise or lower the temperature value.
 4: if a wrong temperature is set, it can be reset by pressing the up down keys at the same time.
 Note: when the thermometer has set the temperature, do not touch the time - thermo key, otherwise the set temperature will be cancelled.
 5: press the start key once, and the alarm preparation mode will replace the setting mode.
 6: when the current temperature reaches the set temperature value, the alarm will sound. press the stop key once and the alarm will stop.
 Use of timers:
 This timer can be set to hours, minutes, and seconds. The maximum setting is 99: 59: 59
 1: when the time key is pulled to the time position, the setting mode will be displayed as follows:
 00: 00 ↑ setting mode
 2: press min and sec at the same time to reset the timer value ( repeat the above operation to stop setting or reset )
 3: use min and sec keys to set the room.
 Press min to set minutes and hours, press sec to set seconds.
 Holding down the sec or min, the corresponding bit value increases rapidly. when the minute bit value reaches 60, the hour bit automatically increases by 1.
 4: when you set an error time, reset can be reset ( refer to step 2 ).
 5: when you set the correct time, press the start key once.
 Note: when the timer is set, do not dial the timer - thermo key, otherwise the set time will be cancelled.
 6: when the alarm preparation mode replaces the setting mode, the timer starts counting down.
 7: when the countdown reaches 00: 00, the alarm starts.
 8: press stop once at this time to stop the alarm.
 9: press reset to return the timer to the initial setting mode.
 10: 1.1m sensor line attached. ( do not test objects above 300 ℃ with this product. )

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